Getting started with Skedulo

Skedulo is the solution for intelligent mobile workforce management. Skedulo helps enterprises and mid-market companies intelligently manage, schedule, dispatch, and support mobile workers on the go, whether they are full-time, part-time, or contract employees.

About this documentation

The Skedulo developer documentation will familiarize you with the data model and terminology used by Skedulo and help you integrate your applications using the Skedulo Lens API.

Skedulo supports both a REST API and GraphQL for remote querying and requests by authenticated users. To help you get started with GraphQL and the Skedulo schema, the GraphiQL connected page is included in the Skedulo web application, and can be enabled easily through the Settings in the web application.

See the API Reference documentation for a list of available API endpoints and authentication requirements.

See the GraphQL Schema documentation, or log into the Skedulo web application and install the GraphiQL connected page to browse the Skedulo GraphQL schema documentation.

Setting up your environment

For information about how to install and get started with the Skedulo Web Application and Mobile Application, see the following support articles:


Read through the following onboarding information to get started with Skedulo.

Skedulo for Salesforce

Read the following knowledge base articles to get started with your Skedulo for Salesforce managed package.

Getting started with Skedulo

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