Installation and setup

How to install and set up the SDK for connected pages

SDK Installation Requirements

  • Open SSL (self signed SSL certificate)
  • Node (version >=8.9)
  • Yarn (version >=1.3)

SDK Setup

  1. In the web application, click your user profile in the upper-right corner, then open Settings -> Connected Pages. Click the Download SDK button in the upper-right corner to download and install the Skedulo SDK.

    You will see the following message when the installation is complete:

    “Welcome to Skedulo’s Connected Pages platform. You need to setup self-signed SSL certificates to continue. Click here for instructions on how to do this.”

  2. Complete each of the system requirements. All three requirements must be met to proceed to the next stage.

    Connected Pages

  3. When the SDK is set-up correctly, you should see the “Skedulo Connected Pages” homepage with a green tick next to each system requirement.

    Connected Pages

Self-signed SSL Certificates

For for the SDK to work, you will need a self-signed SSL certificate for your system.

  1. Click on the blue highlighted text link “here” in the welcome text of the homepage.
  2. This page provides you with tailored instructions on how to create locally signed SSL certificates and set them up.

    Connected Pages

After the SDK is installed and you have created the self-signed SSL certificate, proceed to the next stage, “Development”.

Last modified October 2, 2019: Updated with lates docs changes (9a289b6)