Custom objects and fields

Creating custom objects and fields in Skedulo

Custom objects and fields for Skedulo

Skedulo supports custom objects and fields. You can create custom objects and fields in the following ways:

This chapter will cover custom objects and fields in Skedulo using the GroupEvent custom object as an example.

The Skedulo for Salesforce chapter covers how to create custom objects and fields in Salesforce and map them in Skedulo.

Custom object data using GraphQL

After you have created the custom objects and fields that you require, you can use GraphQL to interact with custom object data using your preferred API client or GraphiQL.

This allows you to customize your Skedulo implementation to better suit the unique needs of your organization.

About group events

Group events are a common customization for Skedulo users.

A group event is a scheduled event that involves multiple attendees, such as a swimming lesson, group therapy, or training session.

These events often have a minimum and/or maximum number of attendees and have billing requirements for multiple accounts.

This chapter demonstrates how to create basic GroupEvent and Attendee custom objects with some mapped custom fields and how to use these customizations to create GraphQL queries.