Configure, extend, and build new experiences on the core Skedulo application.

Skedulo Platform enables users to configure, extend, and build new experiences upon the core Skedulo application. Developers and, into the future, third party implementation teams are provided with a framework with which to build and share entirely new capabilities with clients. This ultimately allows entirely new products to be built from a growing set of ready-made components and behaviors. Platform will also offer a framework for defining and configuring the automation of business processes (Flow).

Platform offers a set of standards and frameworks to guide you through extending and building solutions for clients in a repeatable and maintainable way. It offers a way to configure rather than code, which means faster delivery for your clients and lower costs for you, and will eventually lower the barrier to entry for non-technical users and ensure Platform is accessible to users who want to achieve results with clicks over code.

Page builder

Build solutions at speed with configurable pages.

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