Web extensions

Custom web page views for the Skedulo web application.

Web extensions are a platform customization feature that extends the Skedulo web application UI. It allows you to build custom user interfaces using our Skedulo Lens API, GraphQL schema, and other third-party providers.

Web extensions can enhance the capabilities of your Skedulo implementation and tailor the product more closely to your requirements.

Web extensions can be built as standalone additions to your Skedulo organization, or they can be developed as part of a package.

For example, a basic, standalone web extension could be used to list products you want your resources to be able to refer to.

Web extensions that are developed and deployed in a Skedulo package may include dependencies on other package components.

To start developing web extensions, you will need to download and setup the Skedulo SDK.

The SDK is a desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux that facilitates the development of web extensions and other customizations.

Follow the instructions in the Installation and setup section to get started.

Getting started with web extensions

Creating standalone web extensions for the Skedulo web application using the Skedulo Packages SDK.

Web extensions API services

Using injected API services for developing web extensions.

Embedded web extensions

Creating web extensions as embedded custom tabs on jobs and resources pages.

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