Location management

Job and resource location management.

Utilizing Location

The default contact and account records do have a basic “Address” field on them. However, Skedulo requires advanced use of geolocation (and additional tracking information) in association with a “Location” (and validation of a matched address) to increase accuracy.

Think of a location as a Skedulo-specific address for an account. Utilizing locations accelerates the process of creating jobs within Skedulo, as you don’t have to enter the customer’s address. It is possible to pre-populate the address field on jobs using advanced configuration if you do not want to use locations, this can only be achieved when automating the creation of jobs.

Account and Location Resource Scores

Account and location resource scores are used to include or exclude resources at either an account or location level.

  • Inclusion: Only these resources can be sent to a particular location/account.
  • Exclusion: The recorded resources cannot be sent to the account/location. These can be set on the resource records under the related lists “Account Resource Scores” and “Location Resource Scores.”

Address autocomplete and place information

Using the Geoservices API for address autocomplete and gathering place information