Batch optimization

Create large scheduling queries to be run at a specified time daily, weekly, or monthly.

Batch optimization creates valid schedules for large data sets of work that takes into account location and routing, resource skill requirements, and inclusion/exclusion lists.

Some limitations apply to the number of items included in an optimization request. See Usage limitations for more information about optimization request limits.

Batch optimization relies on the optimization solver to solve work and resource scheduling problems over a period of time to produce a valid schedule.

The longer the solver is allowed to run, the better the schedule is likely to be with regards to job and resource constraints such as travel time and availability.

Batch optimization can be scheduled to run at a later time, and can be made to run on a recurring schedule.

This means that schedulers can have the same optimization query scheduled to run at the same time daily, weekly, or monthly to produce schedules in advance.

Creating an optimization schedule

Using the optimization API to create optimization schedules.