Using Tags

Using resource skill tags and assigning tags to jobs.

Using tags for resources and jobs

Tags can be used for a wide variety of purposes in Skedulo. They are either of type “Global” (to be used on assets and human resource types), “Humans” or “Assets” specifically.

Tags provide a way of easily categorizing either humans (with skills, certifications, languages, etc.) or assets (like car registration with an expiry date, machinery categories, truck type, etc.) and applying that resource assignment to jobs. For example, a “Medical Visit” (job type) may require a resource with a “Blue Card” (tag).

Assigning job tags

Tags can also be added to jobs to define the skills that are required for that particular job. Skedulo has the concept of both “Required” and “Weighted” job tags.

If a job tag is “Required,” to be eligible for allocation a resource must have the related resource tag. Where a job tag has a weighting applied (1, 2 or 3), then a resource is still eligible for allocation, even if they do not have the resource tag.

Weighting is reflected as a number on the job tag record.

3 = High Priority

2 = Medium Priority

1 = Low Priority

0 = If no priority is selected and a tag is added in the web app, the default value set is zero, meaning “Required.”

Last modified October 2, 2019: Updated with lates docs changes (9a289b6)