Skedulo Lens API

This section will help you get started with using the Skedulo Lens API.

The Skedulo Lens API provides access to scheduling objects and functions of the Skedulo platform, allowing developers to integrate their applications. The API provides full data access to standard and custom objects via GraphQL including the ability to create and schedule jobs; plus manage allocation to resources and customer and contact information.

Skedulo Lens API also provides the capabilities to:

  • Dispatch jobs to resources and manage notifications, via SMS or push.
  • Call the optimization engine to schedule jobs efficiently to multiple resources.
  • Access tracking and summary information about job travel and service times.
  • Access current and historical information about resource locations.
  • Get information about resource availability.

See the API Reference Guide for a full list of supported Skedulo APIs.


Using the Skedulo REST API endpoints for remote access.


Modify picklist items and field dependencies using the Skedulo Lens API

Use the Skedulo Lens API for CRUD operations on picklist values.

Making API calls from Salesforce

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