Create a record access policy


You can create a policy in the web app by applying a template with predefined rules.

You can create custom policies or edit the rules of a templated policy via the API. See the Skedulo Lens API Reference Guide for more information.

Create a new record access policy

  1. In the Skedulo web app, open Settings > Record access policies.
  2. Click Create Policy. This will display the Create a new record access policy modal. The create policy modal
  3. Provide a Policy name and Policy description for the new policy.
  4. Click Create to save your changes and create the policy. The details screen for your new policy is displayed.

When creating a policy from a template, the associated filtering rules will automatically be created with it.

Enable the policy

Created policies are Disabled by default. The policy and its rules will take effect after the policy has been Enabled. See Change the status of a record access policy.

Assign regions to policy user groups

The Data isolation by region policy limits data access to users based on the region that is assigned to them. It requires that all users to whom the policy applies are associated with one or more regions.

A list of regions can be directly assigned to any user regardless of their role. However, please note that if the user is a resource, the Data isolation by region templated policy also takes into account their primary and secondary regions. As a result, resources generally don’t need to have a user region assigned directly.

Assign regions to a user

To assign Regions to a user, do the following:

  1. In Settings > Users, click the user to open the user details page.
  2. Click the User regions dropdown and select one or more regions to assign to the user.
  3. To save the changes, click Save. To leave the page without assigning regions, click Cancel.

For more information on how to edit users, see the documentation on user administration documentation and record access policy templates.