Manage exceptions


Exceptions are conflicts that might arise due to overlapping job allocations, resources, region, location, etc.

The Exception Console is a central location where all existing exceptions for the ongoing and future jobs are listed. This console provides a platform for schedulers to view, edit, and resolve scheduling exceptions regarding work records.

The Exception Console increases the visibility of time-critical issues and helps in the early detection of job conflicts so that schedulers can respond to and resolve them promptly. It facilitates the schedulers in maximizing the successful job completion rate while minimizing resource and job conflicts.

Accessing Exception Console

To access the Exception Console, navigate to the More tab and select Exception Console.

The Scheduling Exceptions page opens which lists all the exceptions along with their Description, Exception Type, Start Time, End Time.

an example of the Exceptions console

Filtering Exceptions

Use the Add Filter option to filter the exceptions in the system either by specifying a particular Region or Exception Type.

You can also use the date picker from the calendar, just below the Add Filter to specify a date range to filter the exceptions occurring on particular dates.

Editing/Resolving Exceptions

To resolve the exceptions, simply click on the Job number or on the Resource.

resolve exceptions

Clicking on them will take you to the job details page and resource swim lane page respectively where you can carefully consider all your options and resolve the exception.