Download and install

Download and install the Skedulo Plus mobile app.

Apple iPhone (iOS) installation

Download and install TestFlight

  1. Scan the QR code via your mobile device or open the following link:

TestFlight download QR code

  1. Select View in App Store to download the TestFlight app if it is not already installed on your device.
  2. When it has completed downloading and is available on your device, open TestFlight.
  3. You will be prompted to allow notifications from TestFlight. This is optional, however, we recommended that you do, in order to receive notifications when a new version of the Skedulo Beta app is available.
  4. Select Continue on the Welcome to TestFlight screen. You will be taken to the TestFlight Apps screen.

Install the Skedulo Plus app from TestFlight

  1. On the TestFlight Apps screen, tap INSTALL next to the Skedulo Plus icon.
  2. When the Skedulo Plus app is downloaded, tap OPEN to launch the app.
  3. On the From the Developer screen, ensure that the Skedulo Plus icon is shown, then tap Next.

If the Skedulo Plus icon is not shown, ensure that the app has been downloaded correctly. If you continue to experience difficulty with the installation, please contact your Skedulo Administrator or scheduling contact.

Android installation

Download the Skedulo Plus (Android) app

  1. Scan the below QR code via your mobile device or open the following link:

    Skedulo Plus Android download QR code

  2. In the Android App Centre, download the Skedulo Plus app.

  3. Tap Download if prompted on the notification screen.

  4. When the download is complete, open My files on your device, then click the file that was just downloaded. This file will have the Skedulo logo.

  5. Tap Install on the prompt to begin the installation process.

  6. When the installation has completed, tap the Skedulo Plus mobile app icon to open the app.

Switching between Skedulo mobile app v2 and Skedulo Plus

If you are experiencing issues that impact your ability to work while using the Skedulo Plus mobile app, please report the issue to Skedulo by tapping More -> Feedback & Support.  

You must log out of the Skedulo Plus app before attempting to log back into the Skedulo app.

Users cannot be logged in to both versions of the app at the same time.

Android troubleshooting

The following Help information is also available from the App Center Download screen.

While installing the app on Android, I get a security warning

“For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source." 

Chrome on Android 8 or higher:

  1. Click Settings on that dialog.
  2. Toggle Allow from this source.

While installing the app, I get a “There was a problem parsing the package” error

This error could be caused by a number of issues related to the downloaded file or package.

To troubleshoot, attempt to reinstall the app. If that does not work, contact Skedulo for help to resolve the issue.