Set preferences

Set usage preferences for the Skedulo Plus mobile app.


The Skedulo Plus mobile app Settings are available in the More menu on the navigation bar. The following app configuration options are available:

  • Notification preferences (SMS or Push).
  • Localization for distance displayed throughout the app (kilometres or miles).
  • Skip navigation options when traveling to a job.
  • Save original copies of photos on your device. 
  • Add attachments only when connected to Wi-Fi networks. 

The settings menu in the Skedulo Plus mobile app.

Notification preference

View or change your preferred notification method to SMS or Push.


Set the distances displayed in Skedulo Plus to either Kilometres or Miles.

Skip navigation options

The travel and navigation options open device navigation services, such as Google Maps, to provide directions to the job location. However, not all organizations require these services.

Switching the skip navigation switch ON allows mobile users to skip the Skedulo navigation options.

The default setting is OFF.

Save original photos

Save the original photos taken using the Skedulo Plus mobile app locally on your device. The save original photos switch controls if copies of the photos you take using the app are saved locally (ON), or not (OFF).

The default setting is ON.

Attachments on Wi-Fi only

Specify if you only want to allow the app to download or upload attachments when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

By turning this switch ON attachments will not be shown when connected to cellular data, to avoid carrier costs.

The default setting is OFF.

Customize mobile app settings.