Developer documentation

Getting started with Skedulo

This section will walk you through basic setup and authentication requirements for using Skedulo and its APIs.

Deskless Productivity Cloud fundamentals

Understanding the fundamentals of interacting with the Skedulo APIs and the Deskless Productivity Cloud.

Manage and schedule work

Manage accounts, resource availability, and optimize schedules.

Use and manage location information

Use geoservices to calculate distances between locations and estimate travel time.

Customize and extend Skedulo web app

Create custom objects, fields, and extensions for the Skedulo web app and use Horizon components to develop unique list views and pages.

Customize and extend Skedulo mobile apps

Create custom objects and fields, extensions for the Skedulo v2 mobile app and Skedulo Plus.

Integration and automation

Integrate with Skedulo via REST API and GraphQL, and create webhooks and triggered actions to automatically respond to Skedulo events.

Manage and control access

Create and manage deployments

Create and deploy customizations using the Skedulo SDK.

Skedulo system status