Utilize location using Geoservices API

Job and resource location management.

Utilizing Location using Geoservices API

Each default Contact and Account records have a basic Address field on them. Skedulo uses Geolocation and tracking with the Address as well as the Job Address or concept of stored addresses with locations to increase accuracy.

An Account can have multiple addresses that can represent branches or outlets, without the need to create unnecessary duplicate account records. Think of a location as a Skedulo-specific address for an account. Utilizing locations accelerates the process of creating jobs within Skedulo because you don’t have to enter the customer’s address. As the addresses are pre-existing data records held within Skedulo, you can easily pre-populate them on jobs field with more accuracy with some advanced configurations. These configurations include modifying the Job Type template and/or by automating the job creation process via a script. These configurations can easily allow you to pre-populate the address field on job (or not pre-populate for that matter) for a specific job type as per your requirement.

Account and Location Resource Scores

You can create your own set of Account and Location Resource Scores in Salesforce. The Manage Salesforce account and location resource scores can be set on the Resource records under Account Resource Scores and Location Resource Scores. These resource scores determine if resources should be allocated to a job associated with a specified account or location. Salesforce uses the concept of whitelist (Inclusion) to include and blacklist (Exclusion) to exclude resources at either an account or location level for a job.

  • Inclusion: Only those resources marked whitelisted in Salesforce are considered available while allocating a job to location/account. For example, if a client prefers to continue the service of a particular care provider, then the feature of Inclusion list can be used.

  • Exclusion: The resources marked blacklisted in Salesforce are excluded while allocating a job to the account/location. For example, if a client prefers to not consider a particular care provider for some reason, then the feature of Exclusion list can be used.