Create and update a job


Use the Create Job page to create single or recurring jobs for an account and address. This might also include scheduling information (date/time) or job tasks.

Using the Create Job page

You can create jobs quickly in the Skedulo from the Create menu.

To open the Create Job page:

  1. Click the + icon in the upper-right corner of the navigation menu to open the Create dropdown menu.
  2. Select Job.

On the Create Job page, the required fields are marked in red. These must be completed before a job can be saved. Required fields display as green when they are completed correctly.

The required fields are:

  • Job type
  • Description.
  • Address (the place where the job will be performed unless a job location is defined).
  • Duration (hours/minutes).
  • Region.

Optional fields include:

  • Account name (pre-populates if the contact name is selected).
  • Contact name.
  • Urgency (none, normal, urgent, or critical).
  • Job location. (If a site location has been configured within an account, this allows you to quickly reselect the same location instead of manually typing in an address multiple times. Clicking Add a new location will create a new location with the given name and address as part of saving the job.)

Create a location record if you’re going to have multiple jobs for the different locations for the same account. The job address (which is populated from the location address) is used to calculate drive times and plot jobs on the map.

Click Save to view the job in the work list of the scheduling console, or Save and View to open the saved job in the job details view, where it can be changed or allocated.

Create a job using the Map view

To create a job at a specific location using the Map view in the scheduling console:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Schedule > Map View.
  2. On the map, navigate to the location of the job.
  3. Right-click on the map to place a temporary job marker in place.
  4. Click the Create Job Here link. This opens the Create Job page with the address and geolocation fields pre-populated.

Create a job using the Create Job page map

Schedulers can create jobs at locations that have no official address using the Create Job page map.

  1. Open the Create Job page and complete the required fields (note the address and geolocation fields are not populated).
  2. Navigate to the location of the job on the map, then right-click and select Create Job Here. A job marker will be placed at the location and the address and geolocation fields will be automatically filled.
  3. Click Save to save the changes to create the job.

Additional tabs and fields

The following tabs and fields are available on the Create Job page:

The Time tab

Use the Time tab to:

The Fields tab

The Fields tab displays any custom fields that have been exposed by the admin settings.

These additional fields may be editable and may or may not show in the Skedulo mobile app.

The Requirements tab

The Requirements tab can be used to apply specific resource requirements to a job that requires individual skills or certifications while specifying the number of resources that require those skills.

The Tasks tab

The Tasks tab allows the scheduler to apply a set of tasks that a resource must perform before that job can be completed. 

Updating a job’s details

You can edit and update the various editable fields in the job details view.