Manage user types


The Skedulo package configures the necessary data structures on your CRM (such as Salesforce or ServiceNow) to function with the Skedulo platform. Within these packages, there are three types of user with different levels of permissions that limit what a user can do with Skedulo:

  • Administrators
  • Schedulers
  • Resources

User Types


Admins manage your Skedulo apps and can configure them using admin settings. Usually, they are also your Salesforce system administrator and maintain your users. A Skedulo administrator has the highest set of permissions and can perform all operations as well as view and edit all data.

Exclusive administrator operations include (but are not limited to):

  • Saving custom fields.
  • Saving organization preferences.
  • Modifying notification templates.

Add new resources


Schedulers are there to book appointments and make sure that resources are assigned (or allocated) jobs so that your customers get the service they need from your business. These users mostly use Salesforce and the Skedulo web app to do their job.

A scheduler is one step below an administrator and can perform all operations (except exclusive administrator operations) as well as view/edit and add data.


Resources are out in the field, visiting customers and usually only need to use the Skedulo mobile app. A resource is the lowest of the permission sets and comes with some restrictions. The most notable restrictions are:

  • They can only view their own resource tracking data.
  • They cannot send notifications.

Change User Type

View and upgrade Skedulo managed packages, Manage user permissions, Grant Salesforce user a Skedulo license, and Onboarding wizard.