Cancel or reschedule a job


There will be times when a job will need to be canceled or rescheduled. Mostly this will be performed by the scheduler, but when permitted (using admin settings), a resource may cancel jobs as well.

Cancel a job

A scheduler can cancel a job at any time during its workflow. To cancel a job:

  1. Open the job’s details page.
  2. In top righthand side of the job details header, click on the Actions button.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Cancel Job to display the Cancel Job modal.
  4. Select a reason for the cancelation from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Yes, cancel to confirm.

The job will now be locked, its job status will change to Cancelled. A cancelation notification appears at the top-right of the console.

To free up resources from a canceled job, there is an admin setting named Remove allocated resources when a job is canceled.

  • When enabled, the job allocation status will change to Deleted. The job card will be removed from the job details swimlane and the resource is free to be allocated to another job for this time slot.
  • When disabled, the job allocation statuses will remain unchanged. The job card remains in place on the job details swimlane, and the resource will not be recommended for another job for this time slot (using the Suggest feature).

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Reschedule a job

There are several ways to reschedule a job. They are listed below.

Reschedule a job from the job details page before dispatch

  1. Open the job’s details page
  2. Locate the Start date and Start time.
  3. Change the allocated time and date to suit your new schedule.
  4. Click Save.

Reschedule a job from the calendar

  1. Open the Schedule console.
  2. In the Work list, locate the job card to be rescheduled.
  3. Drag-and-drop the job card onto a different date.

Reschedule a job after dispatch

If the job has already been dispatched, you can still adjust the start time. To adjust the start time, either perform the same actions as in the previous example or using your mouse, grab and move the job card in the swimlane.

Reschedule a recurring job

You can also change or reschedule the date and time of a job in a recurring schedule. The Skedulo web app notifies you of the change you intend to make via this confirmation modal:

  • Select Yes to apply the changes to all jobs in the recurring schedule.
  • Select No, only this job to apply the changes only to the current job in the recurring schedule.
  • Select Cancel revert any changes in the recurring schedule.

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Reschedule a job that conflicts with availability

For information on how to reschedule a job that conflicts with availability, see the Availability console article.