Quick-start 4 - Dispatching jobs


The Quick-start series of articles enables you to go from setting up resources to dispatching your first job in a few short steps.

This article will take you through how to dispatch your first job.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

So, the job has been created, and a resource has (or resources have) been allocated. It is now time to notify the mobile using Dispatch.

You can dispatch the job immediately to a resource by clicking on the relevant Dispatch button (you do this from the allocated resources panel, in the associated job details page).

Where you have multiple resources allocated to one job, notify them all in one go using the Dispatch All button (the arrow icon at the top of the panel).

As the scheduler, you will receive a notification that the dispatch message was sent, and your mobile worker will get a notification message on their mobile device. The job status will change from Pending Dispatch to Dispatched.

Step 2

Once notified, your resources can either accept or reject the job. Once accepted, the job status will change from Dispatched to Ready.

Step 3

If you have created a recurring schedule, the first job in the schedule is displayed ready to be dispatched. Allocate your resources as required (you will have the option of whether you wish to apply this resource to all recurring jobs or just this one).