Format data type

Data type formatting and examples

This table describes how data must be formatted in your CSV file based on the data (field) type.

Field Type Format Example
Text Any alphanumeric value up to the maximum field length (characters) defined.  Hello123!
Text area (long) Any alphanumeric value up to the maximum field length (characters) defined. Skedulo makes mobile workforce management efficient and pain-free — no matter what business you’re in.
Number Any numeric value up to the maximum field length 33.72
Checkbox TRUE or FALSE TRUE or true
Picklist The name (not label) of the picklist value. These are strictly enforced. HomeVisit
Picklist (with multi select)  Picklist_Value_Name_1,Picklist_Value_Name_2 Scheduler,Administrator
URL Fully qualified URL
Lookup relationship UID of the related record 00052e0a-cabd-40c2-81be-391587a692f9
Date yyyy-MM-dd 2022-12-25 Note that a single character in the day or month position is also valid when importing data. A leading zero will be added by the system to match the format specified in the field mapping step, if required.
Date/Time yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss.mmmZ 2022-09-18T14:00:00.000Z
Time HH:mm(:ss)  12:38:42 or 12:38