Create unavailability


A resource may request to be marked “Unavailable” at any stage via their Skedulo mobile app. The request can also be entered directly into the web app by the scheduler using the Create Unavailability button on the scheduling console.

The request will be logged “Pending” approval and can be approved or declined by the scheduler or an authorized user.

On a swimlane, the availability of each resource is represented using colored blocks of time. A white block indicates that a resource is available, while gray indicates they are unavailable.

Create an unavailability

To quickly create time off for a resource, click on the Add button add button at the right-hand side of the top bar then select Unavailability from the dropdown.

In the Create Unavailability modal, enter the details about the upcoming Unavailability (the required fields will be marked green if the data entered is valid) and then click Save.

Types of unavailability

The current types of unavailability that can be used are (as defined in the CRM):

  • Sick.
  • Leave.
  • Occupied.

Viewing unavailability

After an Unavailability request is saved, it will be visible in the swimlane for the resource, on the scheduling console.

A resource as unavailable–sick in the scheduling console swimlane.

Unavailabilities (periods when a resource is unavailable) can also be viewed in the Availability console.

The calendar can be quickly scanned to visualize the overall availability of resources. The colored blocks of time represent a request and its status:

  • Dark aqua blue labels, marked “T” for a template, reflect a resource’s general availability (i.e., typically their working hours, say 9 to 5).
  • Gray labels (marked “U”) indicate periods of resource unavailability (where light gray text on a white background indicates pending approval or declined, white text on dark gray background indicates approved).
  • Clear labels with an aqua blue border (marked “A”) reflect periods of availability. Aqua blue text on a white background indicates pending approval or declined, aqua blue text on a pale aqua blue background indicates an approved request.