What is the data loader?

The data loader is web-based tool that allows you to import, update, and delete information in Skedulo.

Do I have to install anything on my computer?

No, you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. Data Loading is 100% web-based.

What source file formats do you support?

CSV (comma separated values) files only.

Is there a maximum file size that I can upload?

10 MB

Is there a maximum number of records I can load?

100,000 records per data load request. If you need to load more than 100,000 records you can split your data into additional CSV files.

How long will a data load take to process?

Approximately 1,500 records per minute.

Depending on the popularity of the service at any given time, your request may be queued to ensure platform performance and availability is not impacted. If your data load request has not completed inside of 24 hours please raise a case with support.

Can I load records into multiple objects at the same time?

Not currently.

What types of data loading operations can I perform?

Operation Details
Insert Create new records for the specified object.
Update Update existing records for the specified object.
Delete Delete existing records for the specified object.