Log into the Skedulo web app using Salesforce username


There are two steps to access a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrated Skedulo platform:

  1. Enter your team name.

    Skedulo assigns a team name for every organization. If you do not know your team name, please contact your Skedulo Customer Success Manager.

  2. Authenticate your CRM user access.

    You need to authenticate your CRM user details with your Salesforce or ServiceNow username and password. If your organization has configured Single Sign-On (SSO), you can also use it to log in.

Step 1: Log in using a Team Name

  1. Enter the following URL: https://app.skedulo.com in your web browser.
    The Skedulo welcome screen appears as shown  below:
    The sign in with your team name screen.           
  2. Enter the team name that is specific to your organization.
  3. Click Continue and follow the login prompts to authenticate your user access.
    If your team access allows you into multiple environments, Skedulo detects it and provides you the option to choose your environment.
    An example of multiple environment selection options.
  4. If you are using Skedulo independent platform, select Skedulo. Clicking Skedulo redirects you to the Skedulo login screen where you have to enter your login credentials. 
  5. If you are logging in using a Salesforce User ID, select Salesforce. Clicking Salesforce redirects you to the Salesforce login screen where you have to authenticate your Salesforce user credentials.

Step 2: Authenticate Your Salesforce User Access

In the Salesforce login screen, enter your Salesforce Username and Password to log in.

The Salesforce login screen (use Custom Domain for SSO).

Use a Custom domain for SSO.

Authorize Skedulo

At the first login, a prompt appears asking you to grant Skedulo with the appropriate Salesforce permissions. These include:

  • Access your basic information.
  • Access and manage your data.
  • Provide access to your data via the web.
  • Access and manage your Chatter data.
  • Provide access to custom applications.
  • Allow access to your unique identifier.
  • Access custom permissions.
  • Access and manage your Wave data.
  • Perform requests on your behalf at any time.

Click Allow to log into the Skedulo web app.

Log in using a Custom Domain

If you want to use SSO to log in, click Use Custom Domain.

The Salesforce login screen (use Custom Domain for SSO).

  1. Enter your Salesforce custom domain (obtain this from your CRM administrator).
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Enter your username and password to log in.

The Custom Domain login screen.

Forgot Team Name

In the event that you have a team name but cannot remember it, you can easily retrieve it. You can way retrieve your allocated team name via email.

Just above the blue Continue button, click the Find out here link to open a window where you can submit a request to retrieve it via your email address.

Retrieving a team name.

Alternative Login using a Salesforce Username