Quick-start 3 - Creating jobs


The Quick-start series of articles enables you to go from setting up resources to dispatching your first job in a few short steps.

This article will take you through creating your first job.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Using a web browser, open the Skedulo web app. You can immediately start creating jobs by using the Quick job create panel. In the Schedule console, click the Quick Create Job button, located just above the work list.

Step 2

Fill in details about the job and click Next. You can revisit these details later via the job details page.

Step 3

You are now prompted to Drag to schedule. Using the mouse, drag-and-drop the job card into a swimlane.

To allocate the job to a specific resource, drop the card into their associated swimlane.

Step 4

Once in a swimlane, you can move or re-size the job to get the desired resource, job location, duration, and start time.

Step 5

Clicking the job name (or job number) will redirect you to the job details page. Here you can fine-tune the details by adding resources, adjusting times, adding attachments, etc.

An alternate way to create a job is via the Create job button. Find it at the top-right of the scheduling console next to the global search box (the “+” icon).

Creating a job this way opens the Create job page. You’ll need to complete all the required fields (marked red) before you can save and schedule it.

Step 6

In the job details page you will find (and be able to populate) all the details of the job. For example, the job type, description, region, and urgency, along with an associated account, contact and location/address. You can also allocate a date and time if this information is known to you.

Within this view you can also create a recurring schedule, e.g., My job must be completed every two days until eight occurrences are created, and they cannot occur on weekends or holidays.