Optimization history


The Optimization history page is available under Manage > Optimizations on the global navigation bar.

The Optimization history page shows a list of all optimization runs and their results, including both one-off and scheduled optimization runs.

Click View on an optimization run to view the results summary. 

optimization history

Optimization runs that are in progress appear in the history page as Processing:

processing history

Failed runs are listed in the history page, however, results from failed runs cannot be viewed.

history failed

Filtering the Optimization history page

You can narrow down the list of optimization runs using the following filters by clicking +Add filter at the top of the table:


The following filters are available:

  • Created by - the user who created the optimization run.
  • Schedule name - the name of the optimization run.
  • Type - filter by scheduled or one-off optimization runs. 

You can add multiple filters to reduce the number of optimization runs displayed. 

Filter by schedule creator

Filter the optimization history results by the user who created the run.

The list of users automatically updates as you type to display possible matches. 

Select one or more matches from the list of users, then click Apply to add the filter to the list of results. 


Filter by schedule name

Filter the list of optimization results by the name of the scheduled optimization run or one-off schedule name.

The list of possible matches updates as you type.

You can select multiple options from the list of schedules that match your search terms.

Click Apply to apply the filter to the list.


Filter by type of optimization run

Filter the list of optimization results by the type of run: Scheduled or One-off

Select one of the available options, then click Apply to filter the list of optimization runs by Type.