Use quick job create


The Quick Job Create panel allows for contextual job creation. Quickly create and schedule jobs from within the context of the main scheduling console while still being able to interact with the swimlanes and map.

Using Quick Job Create

  1. On the scheduling console, click the Quick Create Job button on the work list next to the Search Jobs field.

    location of the quick job create button

  2. Complete the required fields (marked red). These fields will be marked green if the data entered is valid.

  3. When the required fields have been completed, click Save and Queue to add the job to the work list, or click Next to see a summary of the job.

    • If you clicked Next, drag and drop the card onto the swimlane to schedule it.
    • If you clicked Save and Queue, the card is added to the work list.
    • Alternatively, use the Suggest button (the light bulb icon) to have the scheduling engine suggest a time and resource. Click the blue marker on the swimlane to select a suggested time.

To cancel the job, click on the small x button in the upper-right of the Quick Job Create panel, then confirm the cancelation.