Manage shifts

Manage shifts in the Skedulo v2 mobile app


Starting and ending a shift in the mobile app is comparable to punching in for work. It is for organizations who need to capture the shift periods worked—the actual shift times like start, stop and the breaks in between. Having visibility of these shift times allows companies to compensate their workforce appropriately.

Starting a shift

Tapping Start shift begins recording the actual duration of the shift. There is a brief confirmation that the shift is started before the Start shift button is replaced with two other buttons Start break and End shift.

Taking a break

Start a break

Tapping Start break button pauses the recording of the actual shift duration. There is a brief pop-up to confirm that the break has started before it changes the button, highlighting it in dark gray with the text End break. A counter on the button begins recording the time of the break.

End a break

Tapping the End break button resumes recording the actual shift duration (i.e., the break is ended). It changes the button style and updates the text back to Start break.

Taking a break during a shift.

Ending a shift

The End shift button becomes visible as soon as the resource has started the shift. Tapping the End shift button stops recording the actual shift duration.

A resource may end their shift while on break, the behavior is the same as the above End shift.

Multiple shifts

Where multiple shifts are allocated to a resource on the same day, they are listed one after the other in the agenda view.

When one shift is ended, the End shift button moves to reflect the next available shift.

Multiple shifts being displayed on the agenda.

Recorded shift times

The shifts calendar view shows all the shifts assigned to the resource.

The shift card shows a status label for the following:

  • A shift In progress.

  • A Completed shift.

New shifts have no status label.

Tapping on a shift card in the shifts calendar opens the shift’s details. These details contain a record of the actual start and end times plus all the breaks recorded in between.

Viewing the recorded shift times on the Skedulo v2 mobile app.

Display of resource shift times in Salesforce

Add Shift Times to Salesforce Object

Salesforce (by default) does not show the two fields that record the actual shift times worked. They can be added to the “Resource Shift” record by performing the following:

  1. In Salesforce Lightning, open Setup.

  2. Locate the Object Manager and navigate to the Resource Shift object.

  3. In the Page Layouts section, open the Resource Shift Layout.

  4. Add (drag-and-drop) the fields Actual Start and Actual End into the information section.

  5. Save the new layout.

Adding the actual shift time fields to the resource shift layout in Salesforce CRM.

View shift times in Salesforce

  1. Using Salesforce Lightning, click on the App Launcher.

  2. Select Shifts.

  3. Select the required shift (which by-the-way contains the defined shift duration in minutes).

  4. Click on the Related tab.

    The details of a shift in Salesforce which includes the configured duration.

  5. Under section Resource Shifts, click on the Resource Shift Name.

    Accessing the related resource shift.

  6. The Resource Shift contains details of the Actual Start and Actual End times of the shift. (If you look back at the mobile app’s recorded shift details, these actual start and end times are the same.)

  7. Click on the Related tab to see a list of any shift breaks.

    Viewing the start and end times of a resource shift.

  8. Select a break from the section Resource Shift Break Name.

    Accessing a resource shift break.

  9. The Resource Shift Break Name contains the start and end times for the break. (If you look back at the mobile app’s recorded shift details, these break start and end times are the same.)

    Viewing the start and end times of a resource shift break.