Log in to the Skedulo v2 mobile app

Log in to the Skedulo v2 mobile app using a Pulse Platform or Salesforce team name

Log in to Skedulo using a team name

Your team name is unique to your org. It provides a common login portal for all your org’s registered users.

The Login with Team Name button connects you to your team environment. 

  1. Open the Skedulo v2 mobile app, then tap Log in with team name.

  2. Enter your team name into the field provided, then tap Next.

  3. Skedulo Pulse Platform users see the following login screen.

    Provide your user credentials, then tap Log In.
    Provide your Skedulo Pulse Platform login credentials, then tap the Log In button.

  4. Skedulo will prepare (or synchronize) your data.

  5. The Skedulo app will open to your agenda for the day.

Skedulo for Salesforce user log in

Skedulo for Salesforce users can log in using their team name using the same first two steps in the above procedure:

  1. Tap Log in with team name.
  2. Enter your team name into the field provided, then tap Next.
  3. Provide your login credentials in the following Skedulo for Salesforce login screen:

An example of a user entering their Salesforce credentials to log into Skedulo’s mobileapp.

More options

The Skedulo login screen has a text link at the bottom of the screen named More options, which includes:

  1. Salesforce–connects to the user’s production environment using the user’s Salesforce org. Refer to Log in using a Salesforce user name.

  2. Salesforce Sandbox–which connects to the testing/sandbox environment (used for that user’s Salesforce org).

Subsequent Login

Skedulo will remember your team name for next time (it is stored locally on the mobile device). If you log out of the mobile app and log back in, you will be presented with a slightly different welcome screen—your login will be pre-populated with your team name. Tap Login to <team name> or the More options link, and follow any instructions to log back in.

Team names

Users who regularly work for different organizations can use the Enable alternate login option from the More options screen to remember multiple team names.

The More options screen showing the Enable alternate log in option. &ldquo;Enable this option if you&rsquo;re an administrator or test user that needs access to multiple environments (eg. Sandboxes)

After this option is enabled, team names are stored on the device.

You can select a team name from the saved list or select the Login to another team name… option.