Scheduling console


The scheduling console is the landing page of the Skedulo web app. The console allows a scheduler to switch views to visualize schedules, jobs, and resources over a given period.

The scheduling console helps a scheduler:

  • Efficiently use resources based on location and availability.
  • Identify jobs that are not scheduled.
  • Understand the relationship between activities, jobs, and resources–enabling them to be utilized effectively.

The Scheduling Console

The scheduling console.

No. Description
1. Navigation menu
2. Filter bar
3. Status panel
4. Work list
5. Action bar (date range selector and optimization tools)
6. Resource list
7. Swimlane

The top bar contains the global navigation menus to switch between views in the console. It also contains the global search bar, the global Create(+) button, and the logged-in user’s profile and settings.

Global search bar and Configure global navigation bar.

Status panel

The status panel provides a summary of the number of jobs under each job status–for a given date and a particular region.

Click Minimize at the bottom of this panel to reduce the panel to a more compact version.

Status panel.

Work list (job cards)

A job card provides a summary of the work information. This information consists of:

  • Work name (e.g., JOB-0022).
  • Work status.
  • Work type and account details.
  • Description.
  • Address of the work.
  • Duration of the work.

A job card.

Using Job Cards.


A swimlane in the scheduling console gives a visual representation of a job or schedule workflow–over a given date and time. Each job card in the swimlanes denotes the job’s name (and number), the job’s description, the start time and end time of a job, and to whom it is assigned.

You can view the swimlane horizontally or vertically. 

Adjust the time grid using the Day dropdown menu and zoom controls. Depending on the option selected, the time frame represents blocks of hours, one day, three days, or one week.

The horizontal swimlanes view option.

Horizontal Swimlane

An example showing several horizontal swimlanes.

Horizontal swimlanes.

Vertical Swimlane

An example showing several vertical swimlanes.

Vertical Swimlanes.