Overview of the Skedulo Plus mobile app.


The Skedulo Plus mobile app has been rebuilt from the ground up on fully Native Android and iOS infrastructure to provide a smoother, more performant, and efficient mobile application for deskless, field-based workers.

The mobile app includes the following features for resources:

  • View and accept jobs.

  • Access all job information including details, attachments, contacts, and notes.

  • Check-in to a job.

  • Capture what was done on a job.

  • Complete a job including capturing a signature.

  • Decline jobs (based on the org’s resource job and acceptance process).

  • Create follow-up jobs.

  • Manage availability and leave.

  • View and add attachments (including photos from a mobile phone), notes, and tasks to a job.

  • Receive in-app and push notifications for jobs.

  • View current, past, and future work details.

  • Estimate travel time to a job and open a navigation app to take you there.


The Skedulo Plus mobile app includes the following default options on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app:

  • Agenda - Daily view, weekly calendar, with monthly pull-down view.
  • Notifications - Unaccepted work and job offers.
  • More
    • User information
    • Settings
    • Feedback and Support
    • Privacy Policy
    • Log Out


The Skedulo Plus mobile app has been redesigned for better readability, navigation, and consistency - with enhanced layouts, larger text sizes, heavier font weights, and more contrasting colors.

This article includes the current list of supported accessibility features, with more features to be included in future releases.

Color contrast

All text passes minimum WCAG AA standards - with a contrast ratio of at least 4:5:1

Text resizing

Skedulo Plus respects the device’s Accessibility settings for large and dynamic font resizing.

Platform UI and controls

The new Skedulo v2 mobile app uses native patterns and standard elements with already built-in accessibility support where possible.

The app supports larger controls, such as larger buttons, with larger tappable areas, and adequate spacing around elements.

Dark mode

Skedulo Plus supports dark mode based on the user’s device settings. This can be beneficial for users with low vision and light sensitivity.

Refreshing the app to update data on the screen

You can refresh or reload the app content on the Agenda and Notifications screens using the pull-to-refresh or swipe-to-refresh action.

To do this, touch the top of the screen, drag down, then release.

Localization settings

The Skedulo v2 mobile app displays language and date/time format based on your device’s localization settings.

Supported languages

Skedulo Plus supports both English and Spanish languages. The language setting is based on the device’s localization settings.

Offline sync

The Skedulo Plus mobile app includes a Pending changes tab on the More screen. Changes applied to jobs while offline are stored in the Pending changes tab until the device is back online and the changes are then automatically synced with the server.

If syncing does not automatically start once back online, takes a long time, or fails, you can tap the Sync button to manually sync the changes.