Use job cards

The Work list

The work list is available on the scheduling console and contains a list of individual job cards. Each card represents an item of work that has been created. 

To hide the work list, click Minimize at the bottom of the list. 

Job cards

A job card provides a summary of the work information. The content displayed on a job card can vary depending on where it is viewed in Skedulo, and whether it contains optional fields.

Details can include:

  • Description. A long description can contain up to 256 characters.
  • Job number (or job name).
  • Job urgency (option).
  • Job status.
  • Job type (with the account if defined).
  • Address.
  • Scheduled time.
  • Recurring schedule (option).
  • Duration.
  • Resource allocation(s) (either empty blue placeholder(s) or the resources avatar(s)).
  • Card lock (unlocked by default).
  • Resource requirements (option).
  • Suggest (option for job optimization).
  • Map pin (opens the scheduling console map at the job’s location).

Click a job card in the work list to open its job details page, where you can view and make changes to the work. 

Utilizing job cards

Allocate a resource or schedule work by dragging and dropping job card from the work list onto the swimlane or calendar. If you want to add multiple resources to the work, use the job details page.

Resize job cards

To save UI space, job cards can be resized in the work list panel. The sizes available are large (the default size), medium, and small. A toggle button to change the card size is available at the top of the work list panel.

location of the resize job cards options