Objective: Minimize resources

Use the minimize resources objective to utilize the fewest resources.


Minimizing resources refers to the objective of optimizing resource allocation by minimizing the number of resources required to complete a schedule of jobs. It focuses on achieving efficient resource utilization and cost-effectiveness by reducing the total number of resources involved in the scheduling process.

Assigning weight to the minimize resources objective

Assigning weight to the minimize resources objective makes the importance of minimizing the number of resources a scheduling priority. The optimizer will prioritize optimizing schedules to reduce the overall resource count, even if it means compromising other objectives to some extent, in accordance with the assigned weight.

For example, if the weight assigned to minimize resources is 80, and the weight assigned to travel time is 20, the optimizer will prioritize minimizing resources over reducing the amount of travel time in the schedule.

Incompatible with balanced workload objective

Assigning no weight to the minimize resources objective

When no weight is assigned to the minimize resources objective, the optimizer has the flexibility to optimize scheduling outcomes without specific constraints related to minimizing the resource count explicitly. It may focus on other objectives, without being bound by the requirement to minimize resource usage.

This allows for more flexibility in achieving overall optimization, potentially resulting in schedules that utilize a greater number of resources if other objectives take precedence.

Use case: Cost-effective manufacturing operations

Objective weighting:

  • Minimize resources: 80%
  • Soft skills: 10%
  • Work priority: 10%

In a cost-effective manufacturing operation, the primary objective is to minimize resources to optimize production costs while maintaining productivity. By reducing the number of resources allocated to each task or process, the business aims to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. This objective is crucial in industries where resource utilization directly impacts profitability.

Soft skills hold a smaller weight as they are secondary to the primary goal of resource optimization. However, they are still considered to ensure effective communication and collaboration among team members. Work priority is given a minimal weight as manufacturing processes typically follow predefined schedules and priorities.

In this use case, minimizing resources is prioritized over other objectives to achieve cost efficiency and maximize the utilization of available resources.