Minimize bandwidth usage


There are many factors that will affect the amount of data downloaded by Skedulo app such as:

  • The number of jobs.

  • Number, type, and size of attachments.

  • Type of attachments (whether they are attached to the job, or a custom form, and whether photos were taken with the Skedulo app or the devices native camera app).

  • The number of custom forms.

  • Number and type of custom fields.

  • Job retention period on the device.

  • The number of times Skedulo app is manually refreshed.

Data usage

When you log in to Skedulo, the mobile app will download some core users settings plus six months of job data and will store it in its cache (this data is in the region of 5-6 MB). Included are:

  • The user’s core data (org settings, user info, map, etc.)

  • All jobs allocated to the user for the current month, two months of historical data and three months of future jobs.

  • Custom form data and any attachments for today’s jobs (agenda view).


Adding different types and sizes of attachments to jobs will significantly affect bandwidth usage.

If jobs are pre-loaded with files from a desktop machine and images from a regular camera (or camera app), more data will be used than if they had taken all of those images with the Skedulo app.

For example, images from a 12 MP camera can be around 35 MB in size! Skedulo has to download that over 3G or WiFi. Images taken using Skedulo are resized to less than 512 KB for normal attachments and less than 256 KB for custom forms (each will vary in size depending on its content).


Location updates (required for GPS tracking) uses a minimal amount of data. We estimate around 5 MB per day for an average user.

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