View agenda and calendar

View your agenda and calendar in the Skedulo v2 mobile app


The Skedulo v2 mobile app’s home screen is the Agenda, and it defaults to Today. From this view, you can see your day’s itinerary, a summary of each job or activity, and the estimated travel time between them.

The agenda contains the following:

  • Tabbed calendar views for Day, Week, and Month.

  • A map with location markers for each job, and activity, for that day.

  • A personalized greeting and availability banner.

  • A timeline of your day.

  • A navigation bar.

Tapping on a job or activity card will take the user to the relevant details view.

Create a new activity or unvailability record

The blue header at the top of the agenda includes the Create new plus(+) icon.

Tap this button to create new activities(meal breaks, etc.) and unavailabilities (requests for time off).

Pull to refresh

To refresh or reload content on the agenda view (or any Skedulo view), swipe your finger down the screen (or drag down), then release.


The map at the top of the screen provides routing information to jobs based on the following information:

  • Job start time–from the resource’s home base address to the first job.
  • Job to job to finish the day back at home base.

If no jobs have been allocated for that day, then a message will be displayed.

An extended view of the home screen (Agenda view).

Agenda icons

The following table contains a list of the icons that appear in the agenda.

Table 27. Agenda icons and their description.

Home icon Resource home location
Next job icon Next job
Job type icon Job type
Account name icon Account name
Time spent on job icon Time spent on job
Queued icon Queued
Pending allocation icon Pending allocation
Pending dispatch Pending dispatch
Dispatched Dispatched
Ready Ready
En route En route
On site On site
In progress In progress
Completed Completed
Canceled Canceled
Job urgency (normal) Job urgency - Normal
Job urgency (urgent) Job urgency - Urgent
Job urgency (critical) Job urgency - Critical
Number of jobs today Number of jobs today
Finish Finish

Calendar views

Located just under the blue top bar are three tabbed calendar buttons. A resource can use these to locate their allocated jobs and activities within different time frames:

  1. Today.

  2. Week.

  3. Month.

Both the Week and Month calendar views display blue dots under days that have allocated jobs or activities.

  • Tapping on a day with a blue dot on it will display the jobs allocated for that day.

  • Tapping on a job or activity card will take the user to the associated details view.

The today, week, and month views in Skedulo.

Calendar shifts

When a shift is assigned to a resource, the shift details will appear in Skedulo on the calendar (above the list of job cards for the day)–this is visible in both week and month views.

The calendar views displaying a shift.

Manage activities

Manage availability and unavailability