Role-based customization of the navigation menu


What users can see and interact with on the navigation menu can be configured to align with their assigned role.

Users with Administrator or relevant admin permissions can create new roles or edit existing ones to customize what pages are displayed and available to different roles from the navigation menu.

Users with multiple roles

Users with multiple roles will be able to view all items in the navigation menu that are selected on any of their roles.

For example, a user with a role that has all Resource navigation menu items, and another role that does not have those menu items, will still see the Resource navigation items in the Skedulo web app.

Customize navigation menu access for roles

To customize the navigation menu for an existing role (this includes standard and custom roles), do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > User roles.
  2. Click the role for which you want to configure the navigation menu.
  3. Click the Navigation menu access tab. From here, you can select or de-select the menu items you want to appear in the navigation menu for this role.
    • Selecting a child menu item automatically selects the parent menu item.
    • Selecting a parent menu item automatically selects all child menu items.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

Roles with updated navigation menus must refresh their browser to apply the new settings.

Configure the navigation menu for cloned custom roles

When you create a new custom role by cloning a standard Skedulo role, only the Skedulo role permissions are cloned to the custom role.

The Navigation menu access tab is left blank by default, and navigation menu items must be explicitly configured for all custom roles.

Access to custom navigation menu items

When a new navigation menu item is added, administrators can configure which roles have access to the item as part of that process. By granting a role access to a navigation menu item when it is created, the navigation item is automatically selected in the Navigation menu access tab in the role details screen.

Note that users with the Administrator role have access to all standard items on the navigation menu, but must be given access to custom items that are added.