Set up and verify account and team

Setting up Skedulo is done in partnership with your implementation consultant and may deviate from this article depending on your organization’s specific requirements. In general, the following steps take place:

  1. Skedulo provides a Fast Start Kit for you to supply the information needed to first configure your system. This includes, for example, details about the users, locations, and jobs.
  2. Your implementation consultant sets up the system in a test environment according to the information supplied in the Fast Start Kit.
  3. Users receive email invitations to the new Skedulo environment where they can update their passwords and proceed with subsequent onboarding steps, such as training, testing, and feature customizations before go-live.

Please contact your implementation consultant for help with any initial setup or for more information about the process for your organization.

For further information on how configuration can be done in Skedulo, read about the Onboarding Wizard and Logging into Skedulo.