Technical support plans and SLAs

Succeed with Skedulo

Your journey towards greater efficiency, productivity and customer experience is an exciting one. But like any journey, you may have questions about features and functionality or experience a technical challenge along the way.

We are committed to helping you succeed, and give every Skedulo customer our utmost care and attention. This includes access to our 24/7 Support Portal, Help Centre and Support Team.

For larger enterprises or those with complex needs, we have a range of additional support packages which are designed to provide extra peace of mind.

Support Plans

Skedulo offers four tiers of support plans: Standard, Plus, Premier and Enterprise.

Each plan level has additional feature sets and response times to allow for a catered support experience based on our customers’ needs.

Target response times SLA table

Target Response Times

Target response times SLA table

Issue priority

Issue priority is assigned by the ticket requester in the Skedulo Support Portal. This may be re-categorized by Skedulo Support based on criticality definitions and actual impact.

Tickets opened via emails are automatically categorized as low priority tickets.

Target response times are counted based on the local time zone stamp of where and when a ticket is opened with Skedulo Support.

Technical support levels for different incident severities