Set preferences in Settings

Set your Skedulo v2 mobile app preferences in the Settings screen


The Skedulo v2 mobile app settings options provide the resource with options to change preferences, save photos and auto-refresh job details.

Settings are available in the more options menu (accessible via t he nav bar).

The Settings screen

The Skedulo v2 mobile app settings screen with listed options.

Preferred notification method

View and change your preferred notification method if required. The options are SMS or push notifications.


The date and distance formats used in the Skedulo v2 mobile app can be changed using the localization settings.

The localization options in Skedulo.

Auto-Refresh Job Details

The auto-refresh switch allows a resource to control if they want to reload the data for a job, each time the job is opened. This is useful if multiple people are editing the details of a job, and they always need to have the latest information to hand.

The default setting is OFF.

Skip navigation options

The travel and navigation options in Skedulo enable mobile users to use their mobile’s services to find their way to their jobs (e.g., Google Maps or Uber transport)–however, not all organizations require these services. Toggling Skip navigation options ON allows mobile users to skip the Skedulo navigation options.

The default setting is OFF.

Save original photos

When you take photos using Skedulo (to add as attachments to jobs) you may want to save a copy of the original images, locally, on your device. The save original photos switch controls if copies of the photos you take using the app are saved locally (ON), or not (OFF).

The default setting is ON.

Customize mobile app settings.

Attachments on Wi-Fi only

The settings panel also lets you specify if you only want to allow the application to upload attachments when on a Wi-Fi network or not. Toggling this setting ON means that when you are on any other network than Wi-Fi, the attachments will not be shown, to avoid carrier costs.

Turning this setting on does not prevent users from downloading attachments to the mobile app.

The default setting is OFF.

The iCalendar functionality (iCal) allows a resource to view their jobs on their mobile device using a third-party calendar application that supports it. To copy the link for the iCalendar feed, click on the highlighted link provided. To help you get started, refer to the article referenced below, where this feature is explained in more detail.

Sync calendar to iCal

App Lock

The Skedulo app lock feature adds an extra level of security. When enabled, this feature protects data privacy by activating the screen lock mechanism for the device whenever the Skedulo app is minimized or the selected time period has expired.

To enable the app lock, do the following:

  1. In Settings, click App Lock.

  2. Click to enable the setting.

  3. Select the app lock time limit from the available options:

    • Immediately
    • After 5 minutes
    • After 15 minutes
    • After 30 minutes

The app lock feature is now active.