Troubleshooting schedule rules and conflicts

How to find the cause and fix for issues with rules and conflicts.

Follow the suggested steps to answer questions that may arise when using the rules service feature.

There are conflicts that I’m expecting to see that I’m not seeing

  1. Make sure you are using the Skedulo Pulse Platform and that the Rules service feature is enabled.

  2. Check that the rule for the conflict you’re expecting to see is turned on.

  3. Establish whether the work record existed before the rules service was turned on. If it did, then the rules service needs to be run manually. Alternatively, edit information in the work record that is relevant to the type of conflict that should be generated, and this should trigger the process.

  4. Check that the item you’re expecting to see is on the supported list.

I am seeing conflicts that I wasn’t expecting to see

If you’re not expecting to see it because you turned a rule off, then check if the conflict was generated before turning the rule off. Turning a rule off stops the evaluation for that rule for any records created or edited going forward from that point, so anything already generated will remain. To resolve this, try to run the service manually.

I think the conflict has been incorrectly generated, as I don’t understand how the rule is being broken

If it’s a core rule, consult the documentation and if the issue remains, then follow the normal support process to get help.

If it’s a custom rule, refer to any user guides that were written for the custom implementation or contact support.