Get started with Skedulo packages

Create a Skedulo package using the SDK.

You can use the Skedulo Packages SDK to create a new package or open and deploy an existing one that you have already created to your Skedulo organization.

After packages are deployed to the organization, you can install them through the Manage Packages web extension.

Publish the Manage Packages web extension

  1. Open Settings -> Web extensions in your Skedulo web application.

  2. Click the Web App tab and select the checkbox for Manage Packages, then click Publish.


  3. Check that the page has been published under More in the navigation menu.

Create a Skedulo package using the SDK


You have downloaded and correctly set up the Skedulo Package SDK in your organization. See Skedulo Packages SDK installation and setup for more information.

  1. Start the SDK, then enable Developer mode in Settings -> Extensions in the Skedulo web application.

  2. In the SDK landing page, click Manage Package, then Create new package.

  3. Click Create new package to create a new Skedulo package. Complete the required information:

    SDK New Package

    • The Name field must be alpha-numeric and cannot contain any spaces or special characters.

    • The Summary field is required.

    • The Directory field opens a file explorer for you to specify where the package files will be created.

    If you have an existing package that you want to add an extension to, click Select existing package and provide the location for the package.

  4. Click Create New Package or Open Package.

    Create New Package creates package build files in the specified folder.

    A new package displays none for all package components:

    New package

  5. From here, you can begin developing package components by clicking the Add button on the component type. See the relevant component sections to learn more about them and how to develop them in the SDK package builder.

  1. When you have finished creating your package components you can deploy the package to your Skedulo organization.

Deploy the package

Deploying a package bundles up all of the package components and deploys it to the organization. The CI pipeline creates bundles for the components in the package.


You must have the Manage Packages web extension installed in the organization to install packages. See Publish the Manage Packages web extension for more information.

  1. In the SDK package menu, click Upload to source to deploy the package to the Skedulo organization. The following message appears when the package has been successfully deployed to the organization:

    Deploy success

  2. Open the Managed packages web extension under More -> Manage Packages in the Skedulo web application to view the deployed package/s in the organization.

    Managed Pkgs page

  3. Click on the package name to open the package details.

    The new version of the package appears in the list of package builds. The package status is Running while the package compiles.

    Refresh the page until the package is Passed.

    From here, use the Install/Uninstall the button in the Actions column, or you can click View Logs to view the package build log.

  4. Click Install in the Actions column to install the package.

    The successful build date and time is displayed in the package details page:

    Package details

  5. Refresh your browser to apply the package changes and components to the Skedulo web UI.

    Web extensions included in the package appear under More in the navigation menu, unless they have been embedded in the Job or Resource pages. See Embedded web extensions for more information.