Find the details of a place

Finding details of a place using the Place API

The /place endpoint provides the detailed information available in Google Places database and Google Maps for a given place. The Place IDs uniquely identify a place and are available for most locations, including businesses, landmarks, parks, roads and intersections. Please note that the same place or location can have different place IDs and they may also change over time.

Mandatory parameters

  • placeID: The placeID refers to a string of letters that is a unique id for a place in the Google system, obtained from the Autocomplete API.

  • sessionId: The sessionId is the user generated UUID of a session also called session token. It consists of multiple autocomplete requests and ends with a place fetch request. In other words the session tokens bundle queries made to the Autocomplete APIs and Place APIs into a single session.

Refer to the Generating a Session Id section for more information about sessionID.

For the schema information of this endpoint, please refer to /place.