Errors and troubleshooting

Skedulo SDK error when developing functions locally


You are unable to use the Remote URL when running a function locally. Doing so produces the following error:

    "errorType": "dev_session_not_found"


Changes to the Skedulo SDK’s underlying service, ngrok, have impacted the local development mode of functions.


  1. Use the Local function URL rather than the Remote URL.

Each time development mode is restarted, a new localhost URL will be created with a new port. You will need to manually change the URL each time you restart development mode.

Screenshot of the SDK Remote and local URLs

  1. If your function requires the sked-api-server header, manually set it to the appropriate value for your region:
Region sked-api-server value

Note that the following are not impacted by this error:

  • Creating new functions via the SDK
  • Deploying functions via the SDK
  • Running locally in development mode using the Local URL via the SDK