Use the Skedulo REST API

Using the Skedulo REST API endpoints to send and retrieve data remotely.

Skedulo supports REST API calls for GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE operations.

You can use the REST API endpoints to send and receive data remotely, as well as integrate Skedulo into your organization’s infrastructure.

See the Skedulo API Reference Guide for a list of available endpoints and their methods.

Skedulo API token

You must have a Skedulo API key provided as a Bearer token to access Skedulo endpoints and make remote requests.

You can obtain an API token using either the Skedulo web application or from the /auth endpoint.

See the Authentication requirements and API tokens section for more information about obtaining an API token and using it to access Skedulo API endpoints.

Request format and methods

Skedulo REST API endpoints accept JSON payloads in the request body. Responses are also sent in JSON format.

You can use cURL, or your preferred REST API client, to call the Skedulo endpoint and pass in your Skedulo API token for authentication using the Bearer method.