Manage resource availability

Resource availability and scheduled activities.

Resource availability and unavailability

When scheduling jobs for resources it is important to know when they might be “Available” or “Unavailable” to perform that work.

Availability management within Skedulo allows resources to define when they are available and unavailable. This can be defined as a standard “availability template” (a rolling period of standard availability, e.g., Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).

You can also specify global or regional holidays. Additionally, resources can create unavailability from the Skedulo mobile app. These availability settings all work together to produce a comprehensive availability management function.

A resource’s ability to perform jobs is also determined by the other jobs they currently have scheduled, and the travel time between these jobs.


It is possible to define “Activities” (which are periods for which the resource is available but scheduled to be occupied) with other not job-related work (for example doing paperwork or taking a meal break).

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