Calculating distance, travel time, and timezone

An introduction Geoservices API

Skedulo utilises different map service providers to provide accurate map based information around the travel time, distance, direction etc. that helps in route planning. Skedulo Geoservices API provides a standard way for clients to communicate with these different map service providers. Clients can issue various requests to the server through structured URLs to which the server responds with text-based geographic information, or other resources that satisfy the request.

Skedulo’s Geoservices API includes the following endpoints:

  • /geocode
  • /place
  • /autocomplete
  • /directions
  • /distanceMatrix
  • /timezone

For the /directions and /distanceMatrix API, you can specify which one of the two map service providers (Google or GraphHopper) should be used to service your request. This means that you may get slightly different results for the same set of inputs based on the map service used. The default map service provider is GraphHopper. You can contact our customer support to change the map vendor preference. Please note that if you want to use Google as the map service provider then you will need to supply your own Google API key. For rest of the APIs, Google is always the service provider, which cannot be changed.