Create and customize Pages

Create pages on the Skedulo Pulse Platform using our Horizon and Breeze components


Creating pages gives you freedom to present your data in the way that works best for your organisation. You can create pages for both your custom objects and Skedulo’s standard objects.

Note: Pages for standard objects cannot be overriden so creating new pages is the only way you can customize them.

Creating pages

Use the Page builder - create page to create your own pages on the Skedulo Pulse Platform. To open this page:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Developer tools > Platform settings (beta) to open the Platform Pages list view page.
  2. Click the Create New button in the top right-hand area of the page.

The following fields are available:

  • Name. Enter a name for your page.
  • Slug. This is the URL path that will be used to visit the page. This field is autocompleted with a URL-safe version of the name you supplied in the Name field, but you can enter a different slug if required. If entering a custom slug, you may only include lowercase alphanumeric characters and hypens.
  • Page Type. Select a page type from the dropdown menu. This enables the page to be categorized correctly. For example, pages with an Edit or View type need an ID to work and cannot be added to the Navigation menu. For more information about the different types, see the table below.
  • Page Description. (Optional) Enter a description of your page.
  • Template Content. Add HTML, Horizon, and Breeze components to build your page. For a full list of the available components, see Storybook. Content is rendered using Nunjucks so you can make dynamic/more complex pages.

When you’ve made your changes, click Save. The page is added to the list on the Platform Pages list view page and can now be previewed.

Previewing a page

There are two ways to preview pages you have created after saving your changes:

  • On the Platform Pages list view page, click the Slug name of the page you want to preview.
  • In the address bar, append your environment address with /platform/page/ and the slug name of the page you want to view. For example, the location of a create new invoice page might look as follows in the address bar:

Page types

The following page types are available to select from the Page Types dropdown menu:

Page type Description
Custom Select this page type if the page you want to create doesn’t fit into one of the other categories.
Create A page for creating records.
Edit A page for editing a single record. Pages of this type should not be added to the Navigation menu because they need a UID to work.
List A list view page that displays a list of records for a specified object.
View A page for viewing a single record. Pages of this type should not be added to the Navigation menu because they need a UID to work.
Column Editor A page for editing the default columns for a data object. This page type is maintained by the system and shouldn’t be needed by end users.
Related List A page for displaying a list of records, similar to a List page, but used within another page. For example, use a Related List page to display a list of records on a View page.

Introduction to pages

Creating and customizing pages in the Skedulo Pulse Platform.

Overriding system-generated pages

A tutorial taking you through the process of overriding the default system-generated pages and configuring your data.

Error codes

A list of error codes you might encounter when creating or customizing pages.