Administer and configure Skedulo web app

Configure users and preferences

Manage the users in your team and preferences for how the web app displays.

Create and customize work

Configure job and work settings.

Configure Optimization and Suggest

Set the default values for the Optimization and Suggest features.

Configure notifications and messaging

Manage how push and sms notifications and messaging works in your team.

View and edit teams

Manage the Skedulo instances that your organization has access to.

View change history

Access a full list of changes to data in your team, including when the change was made and by which user.

Extend Skedulo with extensions

Add custom functionality and manage authentication for the APIs.

Enable beta features

Access new features in Skedulo before they are fully released. Changes and instability should be expected.

Manage configuration variables

Storing secret and plain text information as key-value pairs in Skedulo.

Manage packages (Beta)

Use packaging to deploy the same changes across multiple environments.

Permissions and data access control

Determine the level of access users have to features and data in Skedulo.